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Wonderous And Heartfelt

To Whom This Regards (Sarah),

I received your wonderous and heartfelt birthday card near the end of September. If only you could’ve seen the joyful tears that fell from my eyes. Spiritually I believe you felt them with the uplifting words that you wrote me. The card arrived at a critical turn of events in my life where my former spouse had changed her number so I was no longer able to communicate with her. After two months of prayer and meditation thought, I realized that it was all due to my part irrational choices, thoughts along with heart break and feelings that she was and still is struggling with to present times. There’s a scripture verse that explains. “Tis better to give then tis to receive in accordance to the will of our Lord.” To me, that means giving her the much-needed time to allow, with God’s help, her emotional heartache and suffering to mend and strengthen once again. Write me anything they want. Now, May the Lord bless you and keep you all. May his face continue to shine down upon all of you with favor and peace. In the name of our Father, our Son, and The Holy Spirit.

With God’s Love, Nicholar B


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