Writing Cards to Prisoners

Are you are interested in becoming involved in writing cards to prisoners?

We would love for you to join our network!


We are currently writing cards to prisoners in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin Nebraska, and Illinois. We are hoping to expand to all fifty states soon. 


Connection process:


  1. Contact us to express your interest in participating in writing cards. We have teams in some areas already hosting card events for you to join. 

  2. Contact us to host a card writing event at a conference, a ministry school or your venue. We will work with you to create something that will work for your situation. Typically, after a brief training, names are distributed and cards are written. It is fun!

  3. You can choose for this to become a regular activity for your group. Some groups meet monthly or quarterly. This becomes a great time of purposeful connection as you write cards to the hurting. 

  4. Completed cards are reviewed for encouraging content and sent close to the date of the birthday. 

Affirming You will guide you in the development of your group to make sure it meets Prison Fellowship Angel Tree guidelines as well state and federal prison requirements.

We are excited for you to become part of this movement of encouraging others!

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