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Uplifting And Hopeful Card

Hello Phyllis,

Thank you for the card you sent me regarding not only my birthday but also God's purpose for me. It certainly came as a surprise for me when I received it in my mailbox of mine. Sorry for not responding so soon, I would have but I didn't have any envelopes in my possession, but I did buy enough to send you a letter at least.

To be honest when I received that said card, I was surprised yes but also hesitant and a little bit suspicious, but it's all been for not, so I am glad that I got an unexpected yet uplifting and hopeful card. I do appreciate it really.

May God alongside his son, our savior, the alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end; our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and everyone else at your church as well as your family and theirs just as well.


Take care.


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