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The Word Is Powerful - A World Changing Word

Jan 4, 2023

Hello Jeannie, you have no clue what your letter did for me. If it was any other time in my life, I would have taken your letter lightly. But you reached out to me on my birthday and affirmed that God really loves me. I came to America just a few years ago for a better life. To chase the American dream but all of that came short when I was given 20 years for something I did not do. But you came into my life with a world changing word. No wonder they call the Bible “The Word” It’s very powerful. I refuse to play the victim role from now on. I will remember God in everything I do. Your last sentence you wrote “People Care.” You did not have to reach out to me, but you did. May God bestow peace and grace into your life. In my heart of hearts, deep in my core, I still think you are an angel. I’m sorry for the ripped sheet I am using but it was my last sheet left in my notebook. I now understand it was meant for you.

God Bless! Mohamed


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