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Catapulted My Faith To A New Level

Dear living waters church,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the affirming card that I received from this church on November 29th, which was my 41st birthday. Although I'm sure it's not necessary or required to respond to your card. However, something in me doesn't sit right if I don't at the very least say thank you. Thank You!

I am so very grateful that the Lord Jesus Christ has put people on this earth like you guys. I'm due to graduate college (AA Degree) in a few weeks but the way I felt wasn't conducive to what I was accomplishing. That all changed when I opened your card and read the words SIGNIFICANT followed by a few much needed scriptures from the Bible.

Words could never express nor describe the overwhelming feeling of happiness and appreciation that radiated through my body that entire day. I was very emotional I’ve always been a believer in Jesus Christ, but your card catapulted my faith to a new level. I thank everyone who attends your church and a very special thank you to the leadership of your congregation. I wish you all peace, happiness, prosperity, and a Merry Christmas.




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